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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

To ensure that you can easily make the right choice yourself, we have listed the most frequently asked questions for you.

Is huurkoop ook mogelijk?2024-03-14T14:51:07+00:00

Bij Rix Steigersystemen bieden we de mogelijkheid om de aankoopsom tot over maximaal 24 maanden te verdelen. Zo profiteert u van een scherp vast rentetarief en maandbedrag.

Huurkoop is een vorm van financiering die u in staat stelt om grote uitgaven gespreid te betalen.

Bekijk hier de mogelijkheden.

Can I also order as an individual?2023-11-22T07:16:24+00:00

Also as a private person you can order from Rix Scaffolding Systems. Please note that all prices mentioned on the website are excluding VAT.

Order in our webshop.

How many KG can my scaffolding be loaded?2023-07-31T06:18:33+00:00

The maximum load capacity of a scaffold varies by system and setup. Ask one of our staff and together we will look at what the maximum load capacity of your setup is. 

Is the scaffolding material certified?2023-07-31T06:18:33+00:00

Safety is of paramount importance to us. Rix Scaffolding Systems is VSB certified. We constantly test, inspect and optimize our scaffolding materials. A guarantee for high quality scaffolding systems. Systems which are also functional, adaptable and durable.

Can I also buy online?2023-11-22T07:16:48+00:00

Through our webshop you can easily and quickly order your scaffolding material online at any time of the day. Do you order before 14:00 on working days? Then you will often have it delivered the next working day.

Order in our webshop.

I don't know exactly how much material I need can you guys calculate this?2023-11-22T07:17:25+00:00

You can easily provide your requirements by mail or phone and one of our colleagues will prepare a quote for you based on the drawing and or measurements passed on.


How soon can my scaffolding be delivered?2023-07-31T06:18:34+00:00

Because of our large inventory and short lines with the carrier, we can often deliver to your desired location within 1 or 2 days.

Is the RRS system interchangeable?2023-07-31T06:19:01+00:00

The RRS system is not interchangeable. The RRS rolling scaffold is produced by Custers from Venray, a leading Dutch manufacturer of high-quality rolling scaffolds. Custers' products comply with the latest laws and regulations relating to rolling scaffolds.

Does the RLS system also come in an aluminum version?2023-07-31T06:19:08+00:00

In addition to our steel RLS version, we also offer an aluminum RLS version. The aluminum version has a weight savings of almost 40% compared to the steel RLS system. 

Is the RLS system interchangeable?2023-07-31T06:19:14+00:00

The RLS system is fully interchangeable with the Blitz system, among others.

Is the RMS system interchangeable?2023-07-31T06:19:20+00:00

The RMS system is fully interchangeable with the All-round Scaffolding Systems of the well-known brands.

Frequently Asked Questions


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