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We have the ideal solution for a variety of trades and professionals. Whether you are a scaffolder, construction company, independent contractor, rental company, stage builder or ship builder, with us you will find the perfect scaffolding solution to meet your specific needs.

Whether you are looking for a complete scaffolding system or right a specific part, we will help!

We offer free professional advice and support so you can make the right choice.

Our business is not just about providing high-quality scaffolding; we also strive to build long-term cooperative relationships.
We understand that your success is our success.

You can request a quote for scaffolding equipment online. Would you prefer advice first? Rix Scaffolding Systems will gladly think with you about the best solution.

Rix Modular Safety (RMS)

The RMS (Rix Modular Safety) system is known for its versatility, applications and capabilities. The RMS system is characterized by simplicity and safety. The system consists of six main components: base jacks, base collars, ledger, Standards, diagonal braces and plywood decks (wood/steel). Each component is easy to (re)assemble. A built RMS scaffold can be used for both heavy masonry work and lighter maintenance jobs! The RMS system is universal and fully interchangeable with Layher-Allround and Scafom-Ringscaff, among others.

Rix Linear Safety (RLS).

Rix Linear Safety (RLS) is qualified by the minimum number of lightweight components. The RLS system consists of the following main components: base jacks, frames en plywood decks and diagonal braces. With the RLS system, maximum scaffolding can be built with minimal time commitment. RLS scaffolding is often used for renovation and maintenance work. RLS scaffolding is compatible and therefore fully usable alongside other brands such as Layher-Blitz. Our RLS system is also available in aluminum.

Rix Rolling Safety (RRS)

The RRS (Rix Rolling Safety) system is used for light renovation and painting jobs. The RRS system is movable through the use of casters. The use of aluminum makes the parts very light. Rix also sells loose parts of the RRS system, ask for the possibilities!

Why choose Rix Scaffolding Systems

With us you will find a wide range of scaffolding options to meet all your construction and project needs. Our compatible scaffolding systems are of top quality. Our market position makes us the most economical supplier in the Netherlands. This also allows us to deliver quickly.

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